Preserve Tours

Book an all expenses paid school trip to the Wilson Mountain Preserve for a curriculum linked, outdoor, hands-on tour!

2019 Meduxnekeag Environmental Showcase

January 28, 2019

The Meduxnekeag Environmental Showcase is going into it's 17th year! This year's theme is "Into the Woods". We are excited to see how students will approach this theme and to help them share their knowledge we will be providing every student who wishes a project tri-fold display board with one! 

LUSH Education loop

November 07, 2017

The LUSH Education Loop, on the Bell Flats Preserve, is open, and information signs will be added in the spring of 2018! This loop was developed as an extension to our education 

Middle School Outdoor Environmental Program

November 01, 2017

Like Preserve Tours, the middle school program takes place on the Nature Preserve and provides an interactive, hands-on learning opportunity for students. The Middle School Programs teach students how to monitor ecosystem health by measuring tree growth (Grade 6), soil composition (Grade 7)and water quality (Grade 8). 

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