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Our Team

Everyone who helps protect our environment 
Meduxnekeag River Association Inc. was formed in Woodstock, New Brunswick in 1995 as a community-based non-profit environmental organization. The organization was incorporated in 1998, and received charitable tax status in 2002.
Our Purpose
■ to promote, encourage and assist in the protection, restoration and responsible use of the Meduxnekeag River Watershed;
■ to promote and encourage the protection, conservation and enhancement of wild Brook trout, Brown trout and Atlantic salmon;
■ to co-operate with landowners to conserve the natural riparian zone along the Meduxnekeag and its wildlife and plant species;
■ to preserve remnant Appalachian Hardwood Forests and their inherent biodiversity and natural beauty;
■ to promote public education and awareness of the value of preserving the natural qualities and biodiversity of the unique Meduxnekeag River watershed; and,
■ to co-operate with and support any agency that shares a common purpose with the Association.


Stephen Wilson


Kent Orlando


John Murray


Roger Sutherland


Ken Harding

Chair, Admin & Finance Comittee

Jeremy Vail

Chair, Property and Stewardship Committe

Trina Jones

Co-chair Marketing Committee

Peter Porteous

Co-chair Marketing Committee

Catherine Sutherland
Carl Faulkner
Denise Derrah
Nigel Smith
David Andow
Mike Martin
Jennifer Dingee
Al Lindsay
George Peabody

A lifelong environmental activist, George has had an active role with the Meduxnekeag River Association for more than 20 years. Although his job title is "Administrator", he participates in most of the organization's work, and considers his time spent leading elementary school classes on nature walks to be the most satisfying aspect of the job!

Kristyn Lyons
Project Coordinator

After completing a BSc Biology at UNB Fredericton, Kristyn went on to earn a Master of Resource and Environmental Management at Dalhousie University.  As Project Coordinator, she will be doing everything from guiding tours to collecting water samples.

Holly Melanson
Outreach & Marketing Coordinator

Holly competed a BSc at UNB Fredericton and a BScPT at Dalhousie University. She is passionate about helping people of all ages to better understand, appreciate and care for our natural world. As Outreach and Marketing Coordinator, she will be linking with trail users, guiding tours and managing the various social media sites.

All of our staff are paid through government funding, money from donations is used for purchasing property
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