The LUSH Education Loop

The LUSH Education Loop is an expansion of the existing Gold Trail. To reduce the environmental impact of the addition we specifically placed the trail on old harvesting and skitter roads as well as game trails where few trees and understorey plants grow. The goal of this trail is to emphasize how different forestry practices effect the biodiversity of the trees, creatures and plants that live within the forest. The trail also allows visitors to experience the differences between single species plantations, natural forest regeneration after cutting, Appalachian Hardwood forests and old forests.
The LUSH Education Loop has been outfitted with extra wide bridges to accommodate snowshoers, hand rails on 4 steeper sections of trail and two benches to rest and enjoy the beautiful views of the Meduxnekeag River. The education plaques have been made, out of recycled and reused materials, and installed on the trail to help visitor identify different understorey plants, forest types and previous uses of the land, all with the lens of biodiversity.
Financing for this project was provided by a grant from LUSH.

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