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Going Green

Can that be recycled?

Do you ever have items that you think are recyclable but you aren't sure? We're here to help! Here's a list on the does and don't of recycling and where you can take them in our community.

Monitoring Local Climate Change

Awakening local interest and enhancing awareness of changes in local weather
and seasonal climate patterns over time


Ever wondered what the weather was like 200 years ago? When the first maple sap flowed in the Spring? When did the first snow arrive and when was the latest that it left? 

The Meduxnekeag River Association Inc. is working to broadening awareness at the local level of changing climate and the effects it has on people and the environment. This project will utilize local records to demonstrate how local climate has changed. It begins to set the stage for local adaptation to climate changes by creating a broader awareness of how our climate has and is changing.

Follow Woodstocks local climate history on this website and us on social media as we report on weather records from the past. We have a number of sources, including the daily journal of Rev. Frederick Dibblee (1803 – 1825, with gaps) and other diaries that cover portions of the 19th C. We will also be using the archives of the Carleton County Historical Society and the L.P. Fisher Memorial Library to compile as complete as possible the local weather and seasonal observations from the past 200+ years.

Join the conversation and contribute your own climate information and help us grow the local knowledge base about this important issue. If you have a family diary or other weather records from the past we would appreciate hearing from you – contact us at 

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